Krystal decides to join in some extracurricular

fhff_060602_Krystal-1.jpg fhff_060602_Krystal-2.jpg fhff_060602_Krystal-3.jpg fhff_060602_Krystal-4.jpg
Starring: Krystal Jordan
Movie Length: 35min 44sec
Krystal is majoring as an actress in theatre, little did she know this performance was going to be for real! After having a successful rehearsal she heard about a party that she and her fellow thespians could chill at prior to their opening night, too bad for these freshmen girls there would no chilling on this night, for the party was being held at the legendary college frat house of PZY! Cum inside and check it out, as Krystal and her girlfriends get drunk, get wild, strip naked, and get fucked!

Sasha goes from pre grad to oh so bad

fhff_060602_Sasha-1.jpg fhff_060602_Sasha-2.jpg fhff_060602_Sasha-3.jpg fhff_060602_Sasha-4.jpg
Starring: Sasha Knox
Movie Length: 45min 57sec
Sasha was just working towards getting her grad when she snapped. She just couldn’t take the pressure anymore, she needed to cut loose, she needed to get down and party hard, lucky for her the frat house of PZY is always rockin’! Next thing anyone knew this little grad school cutie was chugging beers and shaking her booty; this is one party you can’t miss!!!

How many blondes does it take to party? 1 Angeline

FHFF_060811_Angeline-1.jpg FHFF_060811_Angeline-2.jpg FHFF_060811_Angeline-3.jpg FHFF_060811_Angeline-4.jpg
Starring: Angeline Marie
Movie Length: 25min 18sec
Prim and proper, raised as a uniform wearing private school slut… how she ever lucked into going to the same school that houses the one and only house of PZY is anybody’s guess, but they’re all thankful she’s here… Besides being able to make the grades, Angeline loves to make it with the guys… Must’ve been those tight uniforms that made her so pent up! Watch as she rocks the cocks of the one and only Frat House jocks!!!

Liv gets this party started with a bang!

fhff_060415_Liv-1.jpg fhff_060415_Liv-2.jpg fhff_060415_Liv-3.jpg fhff_060415_Liv-4.jpg
Starring: Liv Wylder
Movie Length: 34min 24sec
Liv is a little party monster who really knows how to PARRRTAAAYYY! From slurping foam off some strange guy to slurping cream off of another! This little sorority whore knows how to get down! Down on her knees that is! So sit back, have a brew and watch this college slut make the most of her college tuition!