Courtney goes from being a prom queen to a cum que

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Movie Length: 27min 11sec
Courtney isn’t just your average freshman cutie, back in her high school she was prom queen and vali dick torian of her class. Now that she’s at college she got a good jump at be cumin’ popular again, but this time she isn’t crackin’ down on the books as much, as she is going down on the guys! Watch this hot blonde teen suck some drunk college dick and get fucked outside on the hood of some poor dude’s car!

Hot girls washing cars, cock, and each other

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Movie Length: 50min 19sec
What’s better than a hot college slut you ask? How about two hot and wet college sluts! These co-eds get showered by the hose outside and then they take the party to the shower inside and get a couple of hoses stuffed into their mouths. This carwash is raising more than just cash! Watch the boys of the PZY frat gang bang these young college teens and give them that wild and crazy college experience they’ve been waiting for.