Hell week for the honey’s! Suck and Fuck or leave!

FHFF_070825_Ivy_Pic1.jpg FHFF_070825_Ivy_Pic2.jpg FHFF_070825_Ivy_Pic3.jpg FHFF_070825_Ivy_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Ivy
Movie Length: 25min 33sec
Here at PZY we love to have sorority girls go through RUSH. Hazing these girls and making sure only the thong…..er…um….strong survives. Gulping and gagging their way into the PZY house, Our frat brothers show these sluts in training what it’s like to be on top of the competition. Watch Ivy take the biggest dick pounding of her young life in front of all her friends and sorority sisters!

Lindsey becomes a cock gobbling college cum slut!!

FHFF_070611_Lindsey_Pic1.jpg FHFF_070611_Lindsey_Pic2.jpg FHFF_070611_Lindsey_Pic3.jpg FHFF_070611_Lindsey_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Lindsey
Movie Length: 32min 18sec
Lindsey went to a party thinking she was going to make some friends…and she did! Fuck friends! It started rapidly…People saw some one getting a piece of action and so she became the thrill ride at a theme park called PZY Fraternity! You can only find this exclusive party fuck scene and many more like it at HushPass.com!

Drew earns her PhD in riding cock and lapping cum!

FHFF_070609_Drew_Pic1.jpg FHFF_070609_Drew_Pic2.jpg FHFF_070609_Drew_Pic3.jpg FHFF_070609_Drew_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Drew
Movie Length: 35min 58sec
As if you didn’t already know, the boys at PzY just dont rest! Not until they’ve brought you the hottest co-eds doing what they do best! And this time its Drew and she’s no fool when it comes to sucking and fucking! Watch as she earns more than just strait A’s with a cock in her mouth! And not just one cock, but 3!! Yes, she gets passed around like a donation basket in church!! Her parents will be so proud!!

Jenny throws down the book and picks up some dick!

FHFF_070609_Jenny_Pic1.jpg FHFF_070609_Jenny_Pic2.jpg FHFF_070609_Jenny_Pic3.jpg FHFF_070609_Jenny_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Jenny
Movie Length: 28min 49sec
Who’s got the coldest beer? Who’s got the hottest coeds? And Who puts them all together to throw the wildest parties with the hottest chicks fucking like college sluts? Thats right, it’s the boys of PZY!! And this time we bring you a hottie on a mission for some hard frat boy cock! Watch as this hot little freshman with the big booty throws down the books and picks up some dick for some wild non-stop party-pussy banging action! On the one site dedicated to more pussy per beer, HUSHPASS.COM!

Monica gets her face & pussy filled w/ Frat Juice!

fhff_060630_Monica_Pic1.jpg fhff_060630_Monica_Pic2.jpg fhff_060630_Monica_Pic3.jpg fhff_060630_Monica_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Monica
Movie Length: 28min 49sec
Ever watchful of her figure, Monica a health freak fanatic, went head first into trying out PZY’s one and only Frat House Massive Protein Frat Juice. Lucky for her it’s derived from the lean Angus beef of the brother’s at PZY… Only at PZY, the one place where the buck doesn’t stop, and neither does the party! You can only find it here at HUSHPASS.COM!!!

Jasmine goes from Studying books to taking Cock!

fhff_060630_Jasmine_Pic1.jpg fhff_060630_Jasmine_Pic2.jpg fhff_060630_Jasmine_Pic3.jpg fhff_060630_Jasmine_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Jasmine Tame
Movie Length: 29min 26sec
Jasmine’s your normal kind of girl, hardworking, makes good grades, and has a pretty steady future in front of her, that is until she cuts loose. From tossing back a few beers to tossing a few guys meat, this little college vixen can get down and dirty with the best of them, especially when she needs to just relax. Watch this little college cutie cut loose, cum hard and play hard, only at the House of PZY, the one spot for those that love to parrrrrrrrr tayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!